another nature walk

i know - another one??  and even if there is another one, another post??  sorry, it's a disorder.  just go with it.


fall nature walks

one of my favorite things to do in the fall is to go on nature walks with the kids.  it gets us outside in the fresh air and sunlight, it gets us moving and releasing energy, and it forces us to experience nature in such a profound way.  you know, instead of just enjoying it out our windows from our house or car. 
we get to step on crispy leaves and hear their "crunch!", look closely at the beautiful bright reds, oranges, and yellows, smell the neighbors' bonfires burning, and feel the best breeze on our skin and through our hair, blowing our scarves away from our bodies.
there is nothing better.
this is what the ground looks like under my favorite tree.

molly likes to draw pictures of what she finds in her "nature journal".  love it!

red, orange, and yellow.......all in a row.

crispy crunchy.

every time they get to this hill, they run down it and sit at the bottom and wait for me.  every single time. 

under the maple tree.

julian truly has an eagle eye.  we were walking along the sidewalk, about a block from home, and he spots this almost-microscopic green inch worm among some little yellow leaves.  unbelievable.

fall, i love you.


tennis // fine line music cafe // minneapolis, mn

so last week eric, shelb, & i headed to the cities to see the tennis show.  remember we saw them with haim back in may?  they were the opening band then.  and remember how much we liked them?  and how we've been fans ever since?  at that show they were giving away ep's and we ended up sending one to shelby.  and she became hooked, too.  she bought the rest of their albums since then, too.  and then when their latest album came out, i also bought that one.  and when we saw they were playing minneapolis we made sure we all bought tickets to their show (it's about an hour and a half drive, plus the kids had to stay overnight with family).  why is all of this information so important?  well, because we became un-fans the night of their show.  this has never happened in the history of my love for music and the musicians who play said music. 

the place was empty when we got there about a half an hour before the show started.  we briefly checked out the merch table and i reeeeeeeally wanted to get their latest lp's vinyl.  i already purchased that album on itunes, but i love vinyl so i find a way to justify it.  eric convinced me to get it afterwards, though, so i wouldn't have to hold it the whole time.  boy was i glad later that i took heed of that advice!  shelby had also planned on purchasing some loot, too.  but thankfully she decided to wait until the show was over as well.

so we headed toward the stage and i was stoked that we were right in front (shelby and i almost require that).  soon the opening band played.  and they were AWESOME!!  eric and i immediately liked them.  reminiscent of beach house.  they just sounded sooooooo good that night.  they exit stage right.

now before i get to the meat, i need to give you a back story:  remember when we went to see perma?  well, at that show we were able to get their whole set on video (plus sherri's solo set).  shelby had the sweet & considerate idea of taping it for molly because molly reeeaaaally wanted to be there.  and she was able to get the whole show on video for her.  wow!  very cool, right?

for the tennis show, shelby had the same idea.  and even before they came on stage, being the considerate person she is, she asked me if they said anything about not taking videos at the last show of theirs.  to which i replied, "no, not that i remember."  and then she went on to tell me how zooey deschanel doesn't want that when she performs her music live.  i guess she wants the audience to experience the show and that when you're looking through a screen it hinders that experience.  ok, fine. 

so shelby's taping away as tennis is performing.  they get through about seven or so songs, and then the singer steps away from her keyboard to sing the next song without it.  and as she is stepping away and getting herself ready, she moves a little closer to the end of the stage where we were standing, makes eye contact with shelby, and says into her microphone, "do you plan on videoing this show the whole time?"  and then shelby kind of looks to the side and some dumbass behind her was like, (please read in the most douche bag voice you can imagine) "yeah, i was wondering the same thing."  then the singer goes on, "i've gotta say it's pretty distracting and i'm going to have to ask you to turn it off.  i want you to really experience the show while you're here."  i knew shelby was mortified and humiliated.  i just knew it.  and i was petrified.  i couldn't even move.  my neck went a little numb.  i tried to just continue to sing along and enjoy myself but i just could NOT fake it.  it wasn't happening.  eric was pissed, too.  i couldn't even bring myself to clap and cheer them on when they were finished with each song, either.  eric and i were able to communicate with each other that we just felt like leaving.  we asked shelby if she wanted to, but she shook her head.  i knew they were coming back out at the end for an encore so when they walked off stage the first time, eric and i went back to where pure bathing culture's merch table was.  we were able to meet them and buy one of their vinyls. 

here's my opinion about the whole thing:  like shelby said afterwards, it's not like this girl's madonna.  would i have agreed with her if it was?  no.  but i would have understood a bit more.  and another thing, when a musician these days starts thinking that firstly the fans are there for them and not the other way around - they're in danger.  it comes across as awfully entitled and arrogant.  for her sake, i'm hoping the venue sold humble pie because someone was in dire need of it.  as a musician, as far as your career goes, you are nothing without your fans.  and did she forget that we were paying her?!  we were putting money into her pocket, mkay?  and she ended up losing three whole fans that night.  again, nbd if you're madonna, but when you're a relatively unknown indie band, come on.  and now i cannot bring myself to listen to their music anymore.  i'm just disgusted and disappointed through and through.  but a positive that this whole situation did do for me was appreciate the artists i love who have been so humble and nice all along the way.  namely, eisley, merriment, and perma.  even with how well-known and actually famous max bemis is, he was extremely humble.  he was on stage just shaking his head in disbelief at how the crowd was singing along to perma's songs.  now that's the kind of artist i'm happy to support and be a fan of.  not entitled little brats.  no thank you.  and i've actually thought about this all week long and do not think i'm being harsh or graceless.  i mean this is 2014.  virtually anyone has the ability to video anything at their fingertips.  no, not that just because you can you should, but in this circumstance and in this setting - yes.  and another thing, we were right there smack dab in the middle of the front, literally leaning up against the stage.  she could have put the mic down by her side and told shelby about her beef more discreetly.  you know, instead of humiliating her in front of everyone.

and i actually have some great shots of tennis from that night, too.  but i wouldn't want to piss her off and go posting them or anything.  you know, showing support of that kind is clearly frowned upon.


ten on ten: october 2014








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