us lately

 a good morning:  a full cup of coffee & the BEST homemade pumpkin bread.

catchin' a flick at the downtown retro cinema. 

 cuddle-bug staying up waaaaaaay past his bedtime.  i can't help it.

a few new things added in the kitch.  my favorite is all of them.

ripe for the pickin'!

my new 2015 katygirl calendar.  i know it's early but these are in high demand.  i still cannot believe i was blessed enough to get one.  woo!

school was rough for him this day.  so we took a break and instead i taught him how to make from-scratch beef stew.

eric and i went to see pomplamoose in the cities tuesday night.  and i forgot my camera.  i'm still recovering from that small LARGE mistake.  anywho, he took the next day off so i got to have a midweek lunch date with these two goofs.

and we strolled around banbury place.


i love where i live.

fall porch lovin'.

"mom, can we take a walk and give some embalotes to our neighbors?" 
she kills me. 


the fabulous fall: a trip to the corn maze

a few years ago when we were living in new york, my sister took me to a corn maze.  it was fun.  muddy, but fun. 
but you know, the mud and the discomfort don't matter because the memory of that fall outing is so nostalgic.  it was definitely cool and crisp that day.  and on this particular day we must have gone sometime in the early evening because by the time we got over to see the animals it was almost dusk.  the sky was grey.  there was a huge barn on the property that was warm and cozy, the lighting inside was as beautiful as candlelight.  there was a display case of fall treats including caramel and candy apples, and cute pumpkin pie tarts.  from the outside you could see the orangey yellow glow of the windows contrasted against the dusk-dark sky. 
outdoors away from the corn maze was a great area where there were farm animals.  there were rabbits and chickens running around.  there were those painted sheets of ply wood painted all silly or with a fall scene complete with circular cut-outs so you could poke your head through.  cheesy but not cheesy because those things are part of my childhood memories from fall, too.  so i don't mind them.  they're nostalgic so the cool factor doesn't matter whatsoever.
it was wonderfully refreshing to be there; the outing itself being somewhat of an escape, a vacation if you will, from the unsettlement within me and reality of moving my one-and-a-half year old and newborn baby from the midwest to the atlantic coast. 
so corn mazes have come to symbolize an element of comfort for me.  the thought of them brings happiness and excitement.  sure, it could have everything to do with the season they coincide with.  but the sense of comfort that i felt in getting lost and found in my first one six falls ago plays a huge role in that.
so this fall, with my sister living here, i thought that this would be an excellent way of celebrating each other and the season.




ten on ten: september 2014


#1  homeschool.  of course.  and my coffee's empty.
#2  home stretch
#3  fall m&m's
#4  debriefing
#5  it's a perfect blustery fall day to bake pumpkin bread.
#6  (pumpkin bread x 2) + 4 thrifted halloween books = nostalgic happiness
#7  hats & mittens
#8  cousins
#9  rest
#10  nighttime